Clinical Hypnotherapist And Psychosexual Disorder Specialist


Vaginismus has been considered by therapists not only as medical disorder, but as a psychological symptom.

The mind plays a crucial role to arouse this dysfunction. The problems such as

  • avoidance,
  • fear of penetration,
  • anxiety,
  • relationship problems,
  • Chronic frustration,
  • Disappointment and depression
  • child sexual abuse


Under all these psychological circumstances the patient can experience painful spasmodic reflex. In addition, poor sexual self-esteem, lack of interest, and general inability to find pleasurable sex can also lead to Vaginismus.Hypnotherapy can provide an acceptable time and cost effective therapeutic tool that helps resolve vaginismus and improves sexual satisfaction in both spouses.

If you have ruled out a medical reason as a cause, Book 20 Mins Free of Charge Discovery Call.


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