Clinical Hypnotherapist And Psychosexual Disorder Specialist

Psychosexual Disorder

Psychosexual Disorders are a group of problems involving sex. For some people, the causes may be rooted in physical conditions, psychological reasons, or a combination of both. Difficulties can be temporary or more long-term.

Here I treat Sexual disorders related to psychological reasons. I understand it is hard to talk about sexual problems, however, with an appropriate diagnosis of underlying issues and therapy, sexual problems can be overcome.

There are various types of Psychosexual Disorders, including sexual dysfunction, gender identity disorders, and paraphilias.

Sexual dysfunction can manifest as a lack of desire, difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection, or difficulty achieving an orgasm.

Gender identity disorders occur when a person's biological sex does not match their gender identity.

Paraphilias are sexual fantasies or behaviors that involve non-consenting partners, unusual objects, or situations.

I am Certified Psychosexual Disorder Specialist. I help individuals and couples to restore their sexual life. If you have ruled out medical reasons as a cause of your Dysfunction, I would be happy to help you. Kindly call or fill out the form to get in touch!

If you have ruled out a medical reason as a cause, Book 20 Mins Free of Charge Discovery Call.


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